Superhero Latina
is an L.A. based boutique production company

We only work on projects we fall in love with and feel we can enhance

Film. Art exhibitions. Theater. Events

Superhero Latina is partner at Sulit Creative Media

If you believe in your project and think we could be a good fit for you, say hello

We are currently Exec-Producing
an Art-House Film in Berlin
A series on Mexican women
in development
Two Short Films
Italia / Mexico

Superhero Latina Entertainment
is proud to co-produce

Film the future

Short film contest & fundraiser

An initiative promoted by
the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles


Superhero Latina Entertainment

I’ve always been in love with art.

As a photographer, journalist, writer and producer, curiosity has led me to explore different means. I believe expression has a multitude of languages.

I was born in Mexico City, spent most of my adult life in Italy, and I’m an Australian citizen currently living in Los Angeles.

As founder of Superhero Latina Entertainment, my main interest is to create beauty through fun, content-rich, exciting art events, giving audiences “newness” in their experiences.